Previously Unavailable are looking for a brilliant new junior or intermediate strategist to join our innovation consulting team.

We are an innovation company that works with ambitious start-ups, scale-ups and mature businesses who are inventing or reinventing. We design and develop new strategies, products and brands that capture an unfair share of the future.

We are difficult to tightly define. We’re part innovation consultancy, part brand agency, part design firm, part venture studio. We’re a unique business, bringing together an uncommon range of disciplines. That’s where the magic is.

Currently, we’re a team of 12 talented and curious strategists, designers, and entrepreneurs. As a team we have wide and varied backgrounds in creative, design and advertising agencies; corporate and small businesses, engineering, management consulting, start-ups, and even law.

We’re on the hunt for someone who shares our passion for bringing new products, services, businesses, and ideas into the world.

The Role:

As a Junior or Intermediate Innovation Strategist, you’ll be joining as a key team member on corporate innovation projects and, at times, our start-up projects. You’ll be working in small, multi-disciplinary project teams across a wide range of industries, challenges, and project scales. Our projects are dynamic, fast-paced and fun, and we always strive to make a truly meaningful impact for our client’s businesses and their customers.

We have lots of exciting projects on at any time, and you’ll be part of the team finding, winning, designing, and delivering innovation projects end-to-end.  Our projects span all stages of the innovation process, including:

  • front-end innovation strategy & opportunity identification
  • insight, ideation, prototyping & testing
  • detailed product, service and brand design
  • right through to business design, build and market launch.

You might not have led projects or teams through all these stages in your previous roles, and that’s ok. We’re a close team that has loads of experience across different project types, phases, clients, and industries. We all pull together and inject our skills to make every project a success.

If you’re passionate about innovation and want to play a leading role in delivering innovation successes for ambitious New Zealand and Global companies then we would love to hear from you.

The types of experience and skills we’re looking for:

While age and experience are not always the measure of capability, as a guide we might expect you to have had between 3 – 6 years of relevant experience for a junior – intermediate strategist.

You might be working in an agency or consultancy. You might have client-side corporate experience in an innovation or related role. You could be working in the start-up world. Or maybe you’re working on your own as a freelancer.

In terms of specific skills, capabilities or experiences, while you might not tick all of these, we’re looking for candidates who can bring a good number of these capabilities to the team:

  • Innovation strategy
  • Innovation process design and project management
  • Customer experience and service design
  • New product or service design
  • Consumer research and insight gathering
  • Opportunity identification and ideation
  • Design, prototyping and testing
  • Branding & Brand Strategy
  • Venture operations, building and scaling
  • Business and operating model design
  • Commercial sizing and business modelling
  • Digital product and platform design

Additionally, we’re looking for applicants who would mostly say yes to being:

  • On top of all things project planning and project/client management
  • Open minded and curious about the world of business, technology, [social good] and design
  • Able to balance both the creative and commercial, as well as the expansive and reductive aspects of successful innovation projects
  • A flexible mix of boardroom polish and ‘roll-your sleeves up’ hustle
  • Humble but also confident (most of the time) in your professional skills
  • Comfortable working with ambiguity and always striving for clarity and simplicity in what you deliver
  • An excellent communicator and as comfortable helping lead a client workshop as you are writing up a client presentation or deliverable.
  • A key part of a fun but hard-working team – ideally not a lone wolf or black-box thinker
  • Passionate about making the world a better place and working with a team that feels the same
  • Well-connected with peers and potential clients in relevant corporate circles and/or the local start-up community

And, as someone with experience in successfully bringing strategy and ideas to life, we’re also expecting you’ll bring your own views, ideas and methodologies with you too. We’re always looking for ways to improve how we do things and you’ll be joining us at an exciting time of growth and possibility, where you’ll be able to help shape the future of the business.

If this sounds like a bit of you and you would like to learn a bit more about us – please get in touch with the team here: [email protected], with a bit about you, your CV/ portfolio and why you think you would like to join the team. All backgrounds and walks of life are encouraged to apply.

About Previously Unavaliable

About Previously Unavailable:
Previously Unavailable is a full-service innovation partner to businesses wanting to create their future through new products, services, experiences, businesses or business models.

We’ve spent the past 7 years creating a company that’s difficult to tightly define. We’re part innovation consultancy, part design firm, part venture studio, part brand creation agency. We work with ambitious leaders who are inventing or reinventing.

As our name suggests, we are passionate about the new. Helping companies create businesses, products and experiences that were previously unavailable - and doing so in a way that gives them a better chance of success.

We provide the full suite of strategic and creative innovation services, enabling you to capture your innovation opportunities in a faster, more cost-effective and more integrated way than using multiple strategic, research, design and creative partners.

We have a proven track record partnering with leading New Zealand-based and global businesses to rapidly develop disruptive and successful ventures, products, brands, and experiences.

We bring a holistic and unique set of creative and commercial skills to solve our partners biggest challenges. Our team are leaders in their fields of innovation consulting, entrepreneurship, brand strategy, marketing, management consulting, engineering, operations, design and technology.

We work across an ever-evolving portfolio of corporate and venture projects, including:

Corporate Innovation: 

We partner with large organisations to innovate, transform and compete with disruptors, working alongside them as a ‘surrogate venture team’ to help them rapidly create innovative new products, services or solutions, often with non-traditional business models or in unfamiliar categories.

Early-stage Start-ups: 

We partner with startups and young companies, often on an equity basis to develop their product, experience, proposition and brands, and then support them from launch through scaling-up.

Owned / Joint Ventures:

We also work on the total creation and establishment of new venture companies, either on a wholly owned or a joint venture basis.

To find out more about us, our team and some of our projects visit us at previously.co.